Grub Worms

Grub Worms live under the root structure of the grass, chewing off the root system. This makes them very difficult to detect and control. Normal insecticides will not penetrate the soil deep enough for grubworm control. Barnds Brothers wil apply one application of grub control to obtain optimum coverage for the entire season.

Barnds Brothers guarantees your satisfaction in controlling insects in your lawn. If grubs are found, we will reapply supplementary applications at no cost. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for grubworm damage.

The EPA has enforced stronger restrictions on the amount of active chemicals that may be packaged in a bag. We feel it is vital to your lawn to have one application of grub and one application of insect control. The optimum coverage for single application of surface feeding is approxiamately 30-45 days. Barnds Brothers feel that one application of grub control will produce optimum coverage.

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