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Customer service|Service contract | Spring Tune-up | Fall Tune-up | Additional services

Customer Service
We offer year round service for your total heating and cooling needs.
We are available seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day and for emergencies even holidays.
We service all makes and models of heating, cooling, humidifying and air cleaning equipment.

Service Contract

We offer you an annual service contract for one reasonable yearly fee. We offer the following:

Spring Tune-Up
Fall Tune-Up
Preferred Customer Status for any Emergency Service Call

Spring Tune-up
The Spring Tune-up will provide maximum efficiency and performance from your air conditioner equipment.

Check air conditioner unit
Clean condenser
Replace filter if necessary

Fall Tune-up
A furnace that is not properly maintained is a potential safety hazard for you and your home. With both the Spring and Fall Tune-ups your entire heating and cooling system is inspected plus a humidifier check for proper operation.
We feel that these two (2) preventative check-ups will save you costly breakdowns at inopportune times. Additionally, these check-ups in the long run pay for themselves by savings from breakdowns and will prolong the life of your equipment and maintain everyday energy efficiency.

  • Additional Services
    1.Should you need replacement of either your Furnace or Air conditioner, we have qualified service personnel to handle the job. We offer installation of several major brands.
    2.Electronic Air Cleaners are designed to clean air twenty (20) times better that the standard furnace filter. We can service your existing model or install a new unit for you.
    3.A functional humidifier helps reduce heating costs, lessens dry skin, sore throats, and dry noses, and static electricity. Finally, your furniture (especially antiques) benefit from a controlled environment. We can install a new humidifier or service your present equipment.

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