Personal Attention

Individual Attention is given to the specific needs of each lawn fertilized by Barnds Brothers. We tailor a program to fit the needs of your lawn, assuring you the proper fertilizer mixture and timing of application to meet the needs of your lawn.

Maintenance is pivotal to the development of a healthy lawn. As Barnds Brothers applicators visit your lawn throughout the season, they will be sure to advise you of your lawn's maintenance needs. We will let you know if your lawn requires water; if you're cutting at proper intervals; and when it's important to keep the leaves picked up. We will also consult you if your lawn should need power-raking or seeding and when the time is right.

Please call Matt Barnds for a personal consultation if you have any questions about your lawn. We encourage our customers to be on the lookout for any special problems. Barnds Brothers is dedicated to satisfying our customers.


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