THE PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL department provides services for the residential and commercial customer. TWENTY-FOUR HOUR SERVICE IS AVAILABLE.

Plumbing services include but are not limited to water heater replacement, drain cleaning, sump pump installation and repair.

Replace and repair faucets, leaky toilets, basins and kitchen disposals.

Maintain and replace swimming pool and fountain pumps.


The installation of the latest GFI receptacles, provide safety for electrical cords and equipment. GFI protection is code required in garage and outdoor applications. Let us test your outlets for proper operation.

Security lighting, including the installation of photo switches, will turn the lights on at dusk. A GREAT SECURITY IDEA. Also consider putting the fixtures up and away from possible tampering.

The installation of a new air conditioner or kitchen appliance may require a modification to your service panel. We can handle the change, complying with local and national codes to assure a safe installation.

Replacing outdated wiring with the latest technology is a part of our effort to keep our customers up to date.

We can move or add a wall outlet, provide a cable TV outlet in a family room or upstairs bedroom. Cable outlets facilitate the cable modem for that High Speed Internet connection.

BARNDS BROTHERS works with security and alarm people knowledgeable of the latest technology. Call us for recommrndations. We will assist you to providea clean trouble free installation with the wires hidden from view.

Commercial wiring is a part of our expertise. If your business needs more connections, we provide them. We add the three pahase circuit for new equipment or change an electrical connection to a more convenient location. Service you HID lighting and relamp those high in the air fixtures.

Call BARNDS BROTHERS for a solution to the unusual Electrical or Plumbing problem (913 897 2341)


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